AT 4J we are committed to producing maternally focused females that perform profitably regardless of environmental challenges. Temperament, structural and udder soundness, fleshing ability, calving-ease and mothering ability are traits that are extremely important to us. If you are looking for balanced-trait females that will calve on their own, bring a healthy-heavy calf to the weaning pen and get bred back each year, look no farther, 4J females fit the bill.

Wendt's On-line Super Santa Sale - February 17, Bay City, TX

Cattle Viewing-Wendt Ranch, 5475 FM 457, Bay City, Texas
Bidding Party Social- Run-N-Gun Lodge, 7158 FM 2668, Bay City, Texas


Four J 3102
Registration Number: 20226685
Four J 3102 is a unique combination of fertility and carcass quality. Her eye-catching good looks are backed with outstanding genomic predictions for Heifer Pregnancy, Breed Back, REA, and Marbling. 3102 is a daughter of our Chosen One sire, Harris Chosen One 45H, a young sire whose first offspring have an IMF average ratio of 110 in contemporary groups of 2 head, 14 head, and 6 head. Four J 3102 was AI’ed to Red Doc Fuego 1032, one of the most modern-built bulls in the Santa Gertrudis breed, on 12/9/23.  She was also pasture exposed to Fuego.

Four J 3037
Registration Number: 20226672
Four J 3037’s very acceptable growth traits combined with an exceptional Heifer Pregnancy EPD and outstanding Marbling EPD point to a female that is certain to add value for all segments of the industry chain. This attractive daughter of SGBI Marbling Leader QVF Jackpot 5369G8 is the definitive 4 J female, solid growth and excellent fertility combined with exceptional carcass quality. Four J 3037 was AI’ed to Red Doc Fuego 1032 on 12/9/23. She was also pastured exposed to Fuego, an exceptional young sire that can strengthen any operation’s breeding program.

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