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Mid-Coast 2023 Cattleman’s Opportunity Sale
Saturday, May 20, 2023 at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Brenham, Texas 

Please let us know you have any questions.

Four J 21/1413 and Four J 3002X
Dam Registration Number: 20207480

20207480, Four J 21/1413, is an exceptional female that can fit in a wide variety of programs. Cattlemen looking to improve carcass quality will be impressed with her Marbling EPD in the top 15% of the breed. Her carcass data is supported by an adjusted IMF scan of 4.217. Her 102 Weaning Weight ratio, in a contemporary group of 21 head, and 101 Yearling Weight ratio in a 20 head contemporary group indicate balanced performance. Her sire’s, KR 621/15, Fertility EPDs are in the top 15% of the breed and 21/1413’s Fertility EPDs sit solidly in the top 40% of the breed.

Her 50% STAR Five calf, Four J 3002X, is a daughter of the Red Angus bull Brown BLW Fantastic C5959. This American Red type calf has impressive growth, fertility, and carcass data sets. This Four J Cattle offering provides producers with a tremendous number of breeding options. 21/1413 is the type of money-making female that can be used in seedstock operations or breed-up programs. 1413 was AI’ed to SGBI Marbling leader Jackpot and cleaned up by Strait Hefte 30F6 5369/J2 and is selling heavy bred.

Four J 21/1408JM and STAR 5 heifer calf
Dam Registration Number: 20207479

Four J 21/1408JM, this young female brings a lot to the table with 8 measured traits in the top 30% of the breed. Her Fertility EPDs are striking with Heifer Pregnancy and Breed Back both in the top 15%. Her carcass data is equally impressive, REA top 5% and Marbling top 4%. Her indexes of 10-15-10 indicate that this female is extremely balanced.

21/1408JM’s STAR 5 heifer calf was sired by the Red Angus bull Brown Fantastic C5959. This American Red type heifer combines fertility, growth and carcass in a striking eye-appealing package. This Four J offering provides producers with an opportunity to infuse genetics that will strengthen the traits that are key to long-term profitability. 21/1408JM palpated 75 days safe in calf.

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